A Mind Map to Success

I’ve been having fun playing with a fun tool.

It’s a mind map. And doing it really is like rewiring your brain for a different experience. You can see the new neural pathways forming as your map evolves.

I’d encourage you to do it for anywhere you feel stuck or undeserving.

But let’s start with self esteem.

Celebration Its Not Just for Birthdays

We were lollygagging in the back yard last Sunday, pulling weeds and taking lots of breaks on the swing, when something reminded me that summer is right around the corner.

It wasn’t the sun on my eyelids or the daffodils blooming under the bare trumpet vine. It wasn’t the exuberance in the voice of the little wren looking to build a nest in the shed.

It was a chorus of “Happy Birthday” drifting up from the park behind our house.