Hi.  I’m Deane Giordano. 


teach mature women how to optimize their health so they can live with more energy, vitality and moxie.

Because, I’m a mature woman.  And I feel like I’m still 25 years old.  At a time when I’ve been told that it’s “all downhill from here.”

Um, no.  That’s not how I choose to roll.

Getting to this place of helping women make better choices about their health (and follow through with a new, unfamiliar lifestyle) was a circuitous path.

Here are but a few of the highlights:

  • Consummate Adventure Seeker including time spent in Spain, Greece, France, England and a cross-continent bike trip from Spain to Greece;
  • Physical Therapist, 20 years;
  • Folk Art Gallery and Frame Shop Owner in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC;
  • Yogini;
  • Fiber Artist;
  • Writer;
  • Serial Entrepreneur;
  • Dabbler in all things personal growth;
  • Outdoor addict devoted to hiking, camping, backpacking, tracking wildlife, paddling.

Let’s not sugar coat anything, though.

For years I was embarrassed by that list.  I thought it made me look a bit flaky, like I just couldn’t commit to anything for very long.  I wondered how I’d ever get anywhere good if I just kept flying off on every interesting, adventurous path that presented itself.

But recently we went for a hike and, as we crossed a meadow, I saw a side trail that let to the top of a ridge.

Let’s take it!  Never mind that it took us away from the loop hike we’d planned for the day.  It was a ridge!  With a view!

So up we went.

And halfway up, I turned around to see a beautiful deer climbing the mountain behind us.  Following us. Stalking us a little.

I expected her to run when she saw me turn and when I whisper-shouted to my husband to “Look!” and especially when our dog Rico noticed her and went a bit poodle-berserk.

The doe stood her ground.  Then came even closer.  Twenty feet.  Fifteen feet.  Ten feet.  As curious about us as we were about her.

It was incredible.  She was incredible.

better deer

She finally ran off when some other hikers showed up with their dog.

So with smiles on our faces, we climbed to the ridge.  It wasn’t much further and the trail ended in a gorgeous campsite on top of a grassy knoll with 360 degree views, access to an old homesteader’s apple orchard and our very own curious doe.

That pretty much is the story of my life, right there…a side trail presents itself and I can’t resist.

I follow the trail.  And though it takes me longer to get where I was going, I end up all the richer for having said “Yes!” to the tangent and its immeasurable gifts.

I’ve received so many gifts that way.  Gifts like…

  • awe
  • opportunities
  • knowledge
  • learning experiences (good ones and challenging ones)
  • the right people at just the right time
  • respite
  • the precise story or tarot card or practice or book or video or whatever piece of information I needed at the precise time I needed it.

There’s beauty in going off on side trails.  And gifts and rewards that may seem off-purpose at the time but, when seen from a larger perspective, make sense in the grander scheme of things.

So what does all that have to do with teaching people how to optimize their health so they can live with more energy, vitality and moxie?

So, while being a physical therapist; working as a life coach; collecting cookbooks; going through yoga teacher training; geeking out on health and fitness science and representing folk artists as a gallery owner may not seem cohesive or even related, they are the trees that add up to a very diverse and rich forest.

And if you step back a bit and look at the forest (as opposed to each tree), you’ll discover a couple of themes that inform my work now.

  • I have been a health nut adventurer my entire adult life (at least since I gave up smoking and partying like it’s 1999, which was around the time I took a 1980’s aerobics class to fulfill a college credit.  Headbands!)
  • I am a rebel.  (Favorite bumper sticker:  Question Authority.)  I will swim against the current of Conventional Wisdom if conventional wisdom has led us to the health crisis we are in today.  Prepare to rebel.
  • My top three Strengths-Finder traits are Learner, Intellection and Input.  That means when I geek out on health and wellness information, I go deep and get to the truth about what works.
  • I’m certified in the Transformational Coaching Method, which means that I understand the resistance to the lifestyle changes that will need to happen if you intend to optimize your health.  If I can shed my 27 year identity as a vegetarian in the name of health, then anything is possible for you.
  • I’m a foodie.  I LOVE to eat.  I have a sweet tooth and a penchant for wine.  I’ve found I can live without these things (for the most part), and still feel nourished and satisfied.  Again, if I can do it, anyone can do it.
  • I’m a bio-hacker.  Not afraid to experiment to see what works on my body, brain and mood.

Enough About Me!

How can I help you embrace your inner health nut?

What does “healthy” mean for you?  Is it….

  • Losing 10 pounds?  20?  100?
  • Getting off pharmaceuticals?
  • Having consistent and abundant energy?
  • Sleeping through the night without popping pills and worrying about waking up naked riding your bicycle around the neighborhood at 3am?
  • Waking up refreshed and excited about the day?
  • Improving the way your brain works?
  • Reducing hot flashes?
  • Healing joint pain?
  • Reversing some serious lifestyle-related illnesses like diabetes?
  • Looking better?
  • Improving your mood?

I’m here to tell you it is possible and highly likely that if any (or all) of these things are on your list, then you are in the right place and you are about to have your world (and your health) rocked to the core.

I know, because (except for the diabetes) this was my list!

I was on the slippery slope of “it’s all downhill from here” and “everything falls apart after 50.”

And that’s all changed for me now.

Which is why it’s my mission to redefine the conventional “wisdom” around how people create and maintain health and to help women like you make better choices, choices that support their wellness goals (as opposed to choices that sabotage their efforts and keep them stuck).

These choices might be in the areas of:

  • Nutrition for body, brain and mood
  • Exercise
  • Sleep health
  • Supplements
  • Finding meaning and purpose and fun
  • Reducing toxins
  • Finding the best supplies for your health adventure
  • The latest bio-hacks
  • Recipes

And here at On Day 22, you’ll find plenty of resources to help you challenge your own conventional wisdom and start making the choices that will change the last half of your life.

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Deane currently lives in beautiful Asheville, NC with her incredible husband, fun loving poodle, cranky chow-brador, two feisty parrots, two cats, five chickens and a bevy of seasonal hummingbirds.

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Hell, yeah!