Bone Broth, Nutritional Rock Star

Bone Broth, Nutritional Rock Star

I started experimenting with bone broth six months ago.

Bought the crock pot.  And the cheese cloth.  And the industrial strength dish detergent.  Found some random beef and chicken bones in my grocer’s freezer.  Right next to the frozen dog food.

I dove in femur first because I’m a learn by doing type.  Trial by error is my friend.

I’ve never had a total bone broth disaster where I had to toss a batch into the disposal.  But I’ve learned a lot over the past six months, and the batch I concocted this week was magnificent.

Positively spectacular.


It jiggled and jello-ed in all the right places.  Full of collagen and crazy tasty to boot.

Check out the jiggle (and wait for the plop)…


What I’ve learned about making bone broth that jiggles like a set of man boobs.

(Wait!  This never gets old.)

Why bone broth?

First, though, why bone broth?  Why bother?  What’s bone broth got that’s so special that it’s a thing now?

Okay, in a nutshell, here is why this stuff is magical:

  • It’s rich in phosphorus, magnesium & calcium, minerals needed to maintain bone strength.
  • It’s rich in glutamine, which strengthens the immune system by feeding the lymphocytes and macrophages.  Yum.
  • It’s rich in glycine, which helps with sleep and memory.
  • It’s rich in proline, which helps with skin health.
  • It’s rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps protect joints and prevent arthritis.
  • It’s rich in COLLAGEN, the magic ingredient, y’all, the one that makes it jiggle.  Collagen heals the gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation (leaky gut syndrome, chronic diarrhea, constipation, food “allergies”–potentially healed with your daily dose of bone broth).  And collagen plumps up the skin, so no need for celebrity skin care products.
  • And some folks believe it will reverse aging and cure cellulite.

So, yeah.  Bone broth.  Nutritional rock star.

Plus, added bonus, it’s cheap.  Cheap!!!!!!

I’ll skip the how for today because there are lots of resources online for how to make bone broth.  Here’s one.  And another.  And another from the bone broth guru, Dr. Kellyann.

It’s super easy, though.  I made my first batch six months ago in a soup pot on the stove (and managed not to burn down the house).

And, not to worry.  If your broth is delightfully jiggly, you don’t have to eat it with a spoon. You just have to heat it up to make a version of your grandma’s chicken soup that healed you body and soul when you were little.


Here’s what I’ve learned over the last six months of having a crock-pot full of broth going almost non-stop:

    • Jiggly, jello-y bone broth means it’s bursting with collagen.  Remember, collagen=good. My favorite bone combination is knuckle bones + marrow bones + oxtails.  Don’t skip the oxtails.  Oxtails are the secret jiggle sauce. Of course they’re not easy to find (because there’s only one tail per cow), but here is a source for mail order bones.  (Full disclosure, I haven’t used this company and I’m not an affiliate.  I just wanted to start the search for you.  If they suck, let me know and I’ll keep looking for you.)
    • Skip the chicken bones.  They make it greasy and gross to clean up.
    • Lemongrass is the magic ingredient for deliciousness.
    • If your broth doesn’t jiggle, don’t fret.  It’s still good and can be even better by adding a supplemental collagen protein when you warm it up.  (This one I do use on a regular basis.)
    • Breakfast of champions:  a steaming mug of bone broth with a side of avocado drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of Redmond Real Salt (the kosher kind).  Dang, that’s delish.
    • Lazy woman’s endless bone broth:  just keep it simmering in the crock pot all week.  Dip out what you need on a daily basis and replace the broth with filtered water.  Start over at the end of the week.  Yum.
    • Chicken feet gross me out and I don’t want them in my food.  Lot’s of people recommend you throw a couple of feet into the mix, but that’s way too up-close-and-personal for me.  So, no.  Never have.  Never will.  Not necessary for rock star bone broth.  Yuck.
    • Also not necessary…pre-roasting the bones.  Just throw them in frozen, cover with water, add your veggies and herbs (lemongrass!), and Bob’s your uncle.  Rock star bone broth in two days.

Wait for the yum!

For days when it don’t get done…

No worries.  If you can’t commit to the process on a regular basis or it just didn’t happen one week, but you still want the benefits, I have some suggestions.

  1.  Supplement.  I love Motion by Life Matters.  It has 40mg of collagen per serving as well as other ingredients to promote connective tissue health.  This will accompany me on my 2,000 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail next year. It will be the first thing I put in my pack.
  2. Collagen Protein.  I also love Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein, which you can mix into anything and not even know it’s there.  I put it in my coffee in the morning, with the butter and the MCT oil.  What a boost.
  3. Broth in a Box.  I haven’t tried this, either, but Kettle & Fire makes a grass fed broth that you heat and serve.  Good to have on hand for when you’re in a pinch.  And desperate for broth.

There it is.  That’s what I know so far about bone broth.  Do you have any tips or tricks that you’ve learned?  If so, please share them in the comments below.

We’re in this together and here to support each other and lift each other up.  So give it up, Gorgeous.  How do you make rock star bone broth that you dream about at night?


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