Create a Challenge, Create Magic

As a big fan of challenges, I love this idea and this community created by Life Coach Gayle Nobel.  

It’s the Create your own Challenge Challenge.

In the past, I’ve taken part in 30 day Art Journal Challenges, Blog challenges, Facebook challenges (failed!), Ayurvedic Self Care challenges.

Now Gayle has created the space and a community of DIY challengers.  With community comes support and accountability.  (Two key ingredients necessary for a successful coaching journey, BTW.)

It works like this. 

  1.  Choose your challenge. 
  2. Decide on the length of time you’re going to commit. 
  3. Go. 
  4. Report back every so often to give and get encouragement and inspiration.

The challenge I set for myself was to practice meditation daily through the end of the year.  That’s going to be 108 days from the time I started (auspicious, I know!).  So far, the Insight Timer app (LOVE!) has me at 15 consecutive days.  Woot!  It’s working.

I need a prize!

I also challenged myself to make one drawing a day for a month.  Ahem.  I may be starting that one over.  I fell off the wagon when I finished my sabbatical in Franklin and got back to work.   I think I’ll start over with an October hand lettering challenge like the one over at Made Vibrant.  Maybe I’ll be more diligent since there are prizes available.  Will draw letters for prizes.

So, are you in?  What will you challenge be?  Post it here or join Gayle’s group.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Dance party challenge
  • Morning routine challenge
  • Sugar free challenge
  • Writing challenge
  • Morning walk, or 10,000 steps challenge
  • Morning pages challenge
  • Visualization challenge
  • Smoothie challenge

Name your challenge and go!!

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