Essential Oil Playlist #2: Connect with Your Soul Purpose

I love having tools to help with any task I set for myself.

When I go backpacking, I rely on my beloved Osprey pack (20 years old and I can’t imagine parting with her) and my Keen boots, which allow for much-needed wiggle room for my toes.

When I sit down to work on a hand-lettering project, I reach for my Rotring Artpen, my Staedtler lead holder and my Plumbgoods stack book.

And when I connect with the Divine, I use my high-frequency essential oils and, yes, bring on the woo, a crystal or two.

First, the Playlist…

There are tons of Young Living oil blends that will support your journey inward, your connection to the Divine and your ability to hear all the plans the Divine wants to experience through you.

The key is to tune in to what your soul is wanting in the moment.  It will change from day to day, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:


All the spiritual masters say that we’ll know we’ve connected with the Divine when we are filled with love and joy and bliss.  Use this blend to open up to love and to connect with the joy that is your divine birthright.  Woot!


This blend is grounding and empowering.

It helps us believe in our own limitless potential to create and to grow.


When we awaken to our higher potential, anything is possible.

As the hokey pokey song goes:  that’s what it’s all about!


Nothing accelerated my spiritual growth more than cultivating a sense of gratitude–gratitude for what is (all of it, no selecting for just the good stuff): gratitude for what’s possible; gratitude for the great gift that is my life.

This blend helps me stay focused on what’s good and helps me appreciate it all.  It allows gratitude to penetrate into the deepest parts of me so being grateful feels better than being a victim; being grateful becomes second nature.

Now what do I do?

Pick one oil to diffuse during meditation.

Or tune into what you need more of and diffuse in your environment throughout the day.

Run through the whole playlist during the week and notice what changes for you.

Then let me know.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have questions or want to know more about the oils, where to get them, recommendations for your specific needs.

I can hook you up!

And, really…I love to connect.  Don’t be shy!

The Rest of the Woo…

As for crystals, I’m no expert, but I love to hold this beautiful Celestite egg while I meditate.


It makes me feel more grounded and, simultaneously, uplifted.  That’s just my experience.

If you want to know more about crystals, I recommend Hibiscus Moon.  She knows what’s what about the healing properties of beautiful rocks.

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