Essential Oil Playlist #3: Appreciating What Is

Appreciating what’s present in your life right now is a foundational step in the transformational process.

Getting from where you are right now to where you want to be doesn’t happen without taking stock of what you’ve already created and appreciating how magnificent that actually is.

I wrote a blog post about this, and I’ve put together this playlist of essential oils to help nurture the appreciation and integrate it into your own creative life journey.

I’ve been incorporating Young Living essential oils into my own transformational work and the work I do with clients.  Between the oils and the changework we do during coaching sessions, old and limiting patterns are no longer releasing incrementally.  Since adding the oils, the transformation is exponential!  And quite the ride.

Here’s a great essential oil playlist to aid the transformational process of appreciating what is, what you’ve already created in your life up to this very moment. 

Look closely.  I bet it’s more magical than you know.

33961.  Present Time

The name says it all.  This blend helps bring you into the present moment…the perfect place to be for appreciating what is present in your life right now.   (Diffuse and/or apply to third eye, ears, heart.)


33462.  Gratitude

Appreciation and gratitude are intimately linked, with one leading to the other and back again.  This oil elevates the mind and relaxes the body…and perfect storm for allowing love to enter the places where it’s been absent.  (Diffuse and/or apply to heart, neck, ears, feet.)

3.  Acceptance

This one helps create feelings of security with what is so that we can open our hearts to accepting new things.  (Diffuse and/or apply to heart, ears, lower belly.)

33514.  Harmony

As I noted in the related article, change doesn’t happen when we are fighting against ourselves. Harmony brings us into greater rapport with ourselves, all parts, even those we are seeking to transform.  It helps stop the struggle so we can move forward.  (Diffuse and/or apply to heart, brow, ears.)

I wish you could smell how delicious and pure these blends smell.  You’d be able to feel your vibration raising at the first whiff!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the oils or how to start your own collection, I’d be happy to help you. Click here to learn more and prepare for your growth to go exponential.

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