Friday Five–Feasting on Flowers

Friday Five–Feasting on Flowers

So many good things to share this week!  Let’s dive right in.


A Sense of Wonder

One of my ten simple strategies for optimizing health and wellness is about cultivating a sense of wonder, curiosity, delight.  (Go here to read more and learn the other nine strategies.)

That’s why this passage from John Muir Law‘s book, The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling, stopped me in my tracks this week.  (Emphasis mine).

Be Surprised.

The feeling of surprise is a gift.  It is your mind’s way of telling you that something in your environment is not the way you thought it was:  you may be wrong about something.

It is easy to discount the surprises as exceptions and move on without giving them much heed.  But this squanders an opportunity to discover something new and possibly change your mind.

When you feel surprised, stop and take notice.

He goes on to encourage us to give those little moments of surprise the respect they are due and to keep training ourselves to notice surprises everywhere.

What surprised you this week?

I was surprised to find these feral datura (aka jimson weed) growing in a cow pasture on top of a southern Appalachian mountain, looking lovely for only the cows to see.


Learn more about John Muir Laws here at his website.


Growing old with grace and badassery

  1.  An article on older olympians.  Look for the 41 year old gymnast and track star grandma.
  2.  Another American Ninja Warrior, 54 year old Jon Stewart.  (Not that one, a different one).

And if you’re not feeling the badassery because of the hot flashes, here’s an article about the right kind of exercise to turn down the flashes.

You’re welcome.


Eye candy

Outdoor art by Nikki Frumkin of Drawn to High Places.




A beautiful parasite

This little orchid has been more elusive than the kakapo parrot, showing up every 20-30 years in unpredictable places in English forests.  I’m one of those plant geeks, so it was fun to read about the Ghost Orchid here.

EYYN03 ghost orchid (Epipogium aphyllum), blossoms of the ghost orchid, black background, Germany

EYYN03 ghost orchid (Epipogium aphyllum), blossoms of the ghost orchid, black background, Germany



Synchronized Corpse Flowers

Speaking of rare flower events, apparently Corpse Flowers are blooming all over the place right now.  Here’s a time lapse of one from Chicago Botanical Gardens.  They bloom infrequently enough for it to be a spectacle at the local botanical garden.

But what’s really Twilight Zone is that there are soooooo many of them doing their thing RIGHT NOW ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Weird.  The whole thing, flower included, is just weird.

And delightful and surprising and full of wonder.

Did I mention it’s eight feet tall?



What made you wonder this week?  What made you stop and go, “Hunh.  What’s up with that?”

Leave a comment below and share what got you curious this week.



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