Friday5 #3

Friday5 #3

Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating it by honoring what makes my heart sing.  I’m a nature girl, outdoor explorer, grub-in-the-dirt tree-hugger at my core, so today I bring you a collection of things to help you connect with your inner naturalist, too.  Enjoy!!


1.  Star Puffballs.  I attended the Trail Dames Summit last weekend.  On the way to morning coffee on Saturday, I recognized a kindred spirit.  I saw her crouched over a landscaped area right outside the entrance to Starbucks.  First, she was poking around at something on the ground, turning it over, examining it up close.  Then she stood up and looked around the area.

I recognized that look right away.  She’d found something cool and she wanted to share it with someone. Anyone. “What did you find?” I asked her, expecting a snake or a bug.  And she showed me this:


A star puffball.  Related to the normal puffball, but with a star attached!  I’d never seen one.  Never even heard of it. And when I started looking around they were everywhere.

Highlight of the weekend.



2.  I love the new podcast from She Explores.  She Explores is a website for “creative outdoor women.” Yes! This week, the podcast features writer Hilary Oliver and shares a short film that Hilary created about women in the wilderness. Check out the interview and the gorgeous film here at She Explores.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.53.20 AM


3.  Did you know about the Master Naturalist programs?  I’d known forever about Master Gardener’s programs, but I just learned that most states offer a program for budding, wannabe naturalists (like yours truly).  Once certified, you join a group of volunteers who work to educate others about the wonders of nature.  How great is that?

This might be a great way to connect your love of Star Puffballs (or Hellbenders or Chicken of the Woods) to your desire to protect nature.  See you in class!



4.  Find-A-Spring.  Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!  It’s an interactive map of places around the world where you can gather pure spring water, flowing straight out of the ground and gushing (or sometimes piddling) forth just as free and as clean as we like our water to be. is a site run by the inimitable Daniel Vitalis, whose mission in life it to “rewild” the human species, which has become soft and over-domesticated in our evolution (in his humble opinion).  He’s pretty radical.  And definitely speaks to your masculine side.



5.  Since it’s my birthday and today I’m celebrating my nature girl inclinations, here are some other nature lovers and wild women I love to stalk on Instagram:

If you want to join me on Instagram and join my nature jonz, find me here.

Enjoy your Friday, y’all!  Hope to see you on the trail today.



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