Friday5–Free Chocolate!

Friday5–Free Chocolate!

Not gonna lie, y’all.  I’m loving keeping my eyes peeled for goodies to share, be they entertaining, supportive of your health, inspiring or just weirdly noteworthy.

Enjoy this week’s selection…



1.  Alastair Humphreys’ Epic and Brave Adventure…Follow it Live

Alastair Humphreys has made a name for himself as the king of microadventure…mini overnight camping trips squeezed in after work on Wednesday and before work starts again Thursday morning, that sort of thing.  They usually involve sleeping bags.  And protein bars.

Now he’s on a bigger adventure, following in the footsteps of Laurie Lee.  Lee wrote about busking with his violin across Spain in his 1973 book As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning.

Al Humphreys learned how to play the violin a year ago, and now he’s following in Lee’s bootsteps, busking in Spain his only means of paying his way.  Cojones, man.

He’s documenting his efforts on Instagram and on his blog.  It’s been quite fun, not to mention inspiring, to follow along.  He started last week, so it’s not too late to join the fun.

Also, note to self:  put Lee’s book in the summer reading queue.



2.  Wonder Woman, Jessie Graff.

I’m a dedicated American Ninja Warrior fan, I’ll admit it without shame.  The things those people do with their bodies just floors me (as I sit knitting on the sofa).

We’re in the home stretch for the season, and this week, a pole-vaulting, stunt-woman from LA put the men to shame.

This. Woman. Is. The Bomb.

Watch her epic run here.



3.  Pronoia.  The idea that the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

I’ve mentioned this book before because I’m a fan of looking for what’s right with the world, now more than ever.

Plus, author Rob Brezny sends out a weekly newsletter that melts my heart.

First, it’s got your weekly horoscope with nuggets like this:  “My…reason for suggesting ‘I’m looking for the magic’ as your mantra is this: You’re not yet ripe enough to secure the magic, but you can become ripe enough by being dogged in your pursuit of it.”  (For Leo, this week).

Second, he includes a healthy dose of good news from the pronoia news network.  Like this:  “John Oliver and the crew at HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ highlighted unscrupulous debt collectors by setting up a debt-buying business and absolving 9,000 people of their medical debt.” 

Right on.

Sign up for your daily dose of good vibes here.



4.  A Free 6-Pack of Dark Chocolate Almond Energy Bars, Just for You!  OMG!

Yummy, paleo goodness for FREE!!!!!

Oh, Thrive Market, how do I love you?  That’s right, this is only the third edition of Friday5, but Thrive Market has made the list twice now.  Because they love to give stuff away.  Good stuff.  I’ve received grass-fed ghee and Krave jerky for free just for ordering.

From Thursday, July 21 to Wednesday, July 27, if you sign up for a Thrive Membership, you’ll receive a free box of these Dark Chocolate Almond Energy Bars.  In the store, you’d pay $20 ($15 at Thrive).

Sometimes you just need a quick bite, and that’s where these energy bars come in.  They’re full of collagen and healthy fats, packed with protein, and rich in fiber.  It’s just all good when convenience is key. 

If you’re not sure it’s worth it to join Thrive, I did a quick price comparison here.  I’m here to tell you, it’s definitely worth it.

So click here to get started and to get your free bars.



5.  More news about Neurogenesis.

Last week I mentioned a book about how to grow and nurture new neurons in your brain.

This article popped up Wednesday in the New York Times about which exercise is best (and worst) for promoting neurogenesis.

Rats doing the hard stuff so we can take care of our brains.


In an unrelated matter, Frida Kahlo died 62 years ago this week.  Here is a tribute to another wonder woman for the ages.

Enjoy your weekend!


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