Friday5 (Things worth noting)

My mastermind partner and I were inspired by Austin Kleon, artist and author, to create this Friday5 series.

A list, curated just for you, of five things worth sharing each week.

Results may vary, but you just might experience the following:

  • sparked curiosity
  • an enhanced sense of wonder
  • recognition of the beauty in everyday life
  • better health
  • inspiration to rock your life
  • a sudden desire to get stuff done
  • energy, vitality, moxie, joy!

Here we go…the inaugural Friday5.


1.  Do you know about Thrive Market, yet? 2016-06-29 19.14.57

It’s the bomb. 

If you’ve ever walked out of Whole Foods with one tiny grocery bag to show for your $100 (who hasn’t?),  then consider joining Thrive Market.  I shopped twice and paid for my annual membership.  Shipping is free.  Saves money.  Saves time.  Plus for every paid membership, they gift a membership to a family in need. 

Best.  Thing.  Ever.  (Right after our new outdoor shower.)

Sign up here.


  2.  I loved this post on Mark’s Daily Apple about moderation.  

Because if we don’t define what moderation means, then the adage “all things in moderation” is just a slippery slope to a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream every night while sitting in front of the TV for several hours.

Slippery slope littered with banana peels.


3.   The Soul of Healing Summit, July 11-18.

Dr. John Douillard is one of my health heroes. 

He practices Ayurvedic medicine and he set me on the path to some lifestyle changes that have dramatically improved my health, including overcoming chronic insomnia and losing 12 pounds.

He is participating in “The Soul of Healing Summit” July 11-18.  It’s online and it’s free.  For a week you get tons of information from people on the woo-filled cutting edge of health and wellness.   This is going to be good.


4.  I started following Snow Queen and Scout on Instagram. 

It’s women going on outdoor adventures, mostly with backpacks. 

Be still my beating heart! 

Every time I see a post, it encourages me to get my pack on and go.  You can join the community by using #snowqueenandscout when you post your own outdoor adventures and be a part of something bigger. 

And if backpacking is something you’ve been meaning to try (like I’ve been meaning to try bellydancing for a year now), the Snowqueen & Scout website has loads of information to get you started.


5.   Finally, we had to say goodbye to Bill Cunningham last week.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know who he was.  He would have preferred it that way. 

He photographed street fashion in New York and had a weekly column in the Sunday New York Times, a column I will dearly miss. Because he had an eye for style and for people expressing themselves with abandon and flair. 

And also because he was the epitome of someone living the precise life he was meant to live in all its unusual and quirky glory.  And he did it unapologetically.

Watch Bill Cunningham New York, a mesmerizing documentary (which you can also stream on Hulu or get in DVD from Netflix) and read the NYTimes tribute, as well.


Enjoy your #friday5, and if you didn’t get quite enough, feel free to check out my mastermind partner’s Friday5, too. Stacey will teach you how to honor your inner artist and celebrate your creativity however it shows up.  Find her here at Urban Gypz.


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