God is a Comedian

I’ve been misguided in my spiritual practice.

I’ve been asking the Divine to fill me with light and joy and wisdom and bliss and all the things I’m positive are things that don’t come naturally to me.

I’ve been trying to cultivate a soul for myself that’s One with the Divine and I’ve envisioned that once cultivated, once the Divine blesses me and fills me with light, then all will be right in my world.

I’ll be worthy. 

I’ll be deserving of good things. 

I’ll exude joy. 

I’ll be beautiful. 

I’ll be able to create my reality the way I want it to be. 

I’ll have God behind me, on my side. 

Infinite Spirit will be the wind in my sails and together we’ll glide off to the Bahamas together and swim with dolphins and drink pink cocktails with umbrellas in them while waving sparklers and wearing tiaras.

The joke is on me, though.

Not that I can’t HAVE all the goodies the Divine has to offer—the love and the joy and the light and the bliss and the wisdom and the peace and the magnificence and the ultimate creative spark and sparkle.

And a tiara.

The hilarious thing is that I already AM all those things.

Touche, God! 

You crack me up.


  1. Deane, you kill me girl!!!! A basic truism……. Thanks.

    • Yes, Ellen! Laughing all the way to the bar that serves the pink cocktails with umbrellas.


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