What if the Divine is Over It? (I’m on a God Roll, Y’all!)

What if?

What if the Divine—God, the Universe, Infinite Spirit—is closer that I ever imagined?

What if the Divine is not only waiting for me on my doorstep, but that the Divine is within me, covered up by my untrue stories of lack and “I can’t” and “what will people think” and I don’t matter?

What if the Divine created each one of us, including me, with the intention of experiencing the richness of this world through us?

And what if, before we were born, each of our souls said, “YES!  I’m IN!  Let’s do this!”

What if the Divine wanted more than anything to have a rollicking good time on this playground that we know as planet earth?  Through us?  Through me!  Through you!

What’s in it for God?

The Divine gets embodied with a unique set of talents and skills and…proclivities (like a love of words like proclivity). 

It gets to do things  that only bodies can do using those skills, honoring those proclivities. 

Eat homemade ice cream.  Dance.  Turn cartwheels.  Sing in the shower.  Create.  Give and receive love. 

And what if I’ve been screwing it up and not holding up my end of the bargain, the deal I made when my soul said yes to having not just any body, but my body? 

What if I’m blocking the Divine with those untruths that I haven’t unlearned yet? 

And what if  the Divine is tired of having this experience of struggle?  Over it.  Done.  Ready to move on.  Leave it behind.  Been there, done that, let’s try something new. 

Maybe skydiving.  Maybe not.  Maybe renting a villa in Tuscany.  Or making time to make art in the middle of my workday.  Or taking a midnight hike during a full moon.

What if the Divine is providing this unlimited menu of experiences and possibilities, not to torment me, but to invite me to let go of the untruths, step to the edge and dive in?

And what if I said yes and trusted that the Divine has the power to move mountains for a scoop of hand cranked butter pecan ice cream? 

If only I’d get out of the way and allow the Divine to go for what it wants through me.

What would be possible, then?

Curious about how to start letting go of those untruths that perpetuate the struggle and block the fun?

Here are two ways to start shifting the energy.

  1. Experience the power of deep, transformational coaching to start loosening the threads on what keeps the struggle in tact…my gift to you!
  2. Craft an essential oil playlist that will support your journey inward, your connection to the Divine and your ability to hear all the plans the Divine wants to experience through you.

Good stuff, y’all.

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