Unstuck and Gaining Momentum in 30 Days

When I started a month ago I was absolutely up against a brick wall.  Stuck.  Confused.  And feeling hopeless.  With Deane’s gentle guidance, exercises and re-directed information, I’ve changed my whole philosophy.

Her encouragement, direction, knowledge, authenticity and consideration have been invaluable in helping me dig myself out. 

I would highly recommend Deane’s programs to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.

P.S.  I’ve made reservations to return to AK for the summer via a week-long vacation with my sister in (Punta Penasco) Mexico.   I awakened this morning with new ideas – Art Camp for Kids, Art in Nature Camp for Kids and am busily doing a mind map to see what will come of it.  Your e-mail was the spark that lit the flame.  

Funny what a little bit o’ love will do.

Judy Saha

Early Childhood Educator, Artist, World Traveler

Finally Owning Her Path

I have loved your program so far. It has been amazing for me, the timing, the material, the support, and I really, really, really got so much out of our one-to-one coaching session. As a result from that session, I have:

  • Completely owned my path to a prosperous coaching and healing practice.
  • I continue every day to do things that are only in alignment and support of what I want to create. Yes, I have my down moments, but I keep going back to the set point. Normally, I would have given up by now.

You are an amazing coach, a fabulous woman, and I am so honored to call you friend.

Thank you.

Susan Hale

Transformational Coach and Healer, Evergreen, CO, Time Space Freedom

The Gift of Clarity

After just 2 sessions with Deane I gained clarity on what was truly holding me back from being successful in my business.  By the 4th session I was able to release old fears that were keeping me in a state of overwhelm, and I was able to create new habits.  This all helped me to launch my business and bring in immediate income.

Julie Noll

Health Coach, West Hartford, CT, Julie Noll Coaching

Great Insight into an Old Pattern

I had a great coaching conversation with Deane Giordano, who brought me great insight into an old pattern that had re-emerged in my life, and how to get a handle on it so I could release it. She’s a great coach, and while this conversation wasn’t money related, I have also worked with her around money and it make all the $$$ difference in the world! If you’re stuck, call her!

Kristine Madera

Soul Centered Business Coach, Asheville, NC, Kristine Madera

Moving Forward in my Business

I appreciate how Deane keeps moving me forward.   I am heading in a direction that works for me and my business without scaring the shit out of me.

She has done so much for me and has been there every step of the way as I’ve transitioned my business and life.  And, slow as I’ve been, I’ve made a big shift with her.  I needed exactly her kind of coaching [for this big transition].

Kate Goldsborough

Stylist, Littleton, NH, Kate Goldsborough Lifestyling, Beauty is a Decision

So Worth the Investment!

In a short period of time, Deane helped me to uncover some blocks that I didn’t realize I had around money that were surrounded by a pattern I’ve seen crop up in other areas of my life. Her insights, coaching, and guidance were invaluable in this realization that is helping me to develop a better, healthier relationship with money. If you’ve got the opportunity to connect with her, do it!  It will SO be worth your investment!

Shannon Lagasse

Health & Happiness Coach, Author, Worldwide, Hunger for Happiness

Make Your Dreams Come True

Deane is a lovely, fun, genuine & Heart-full coach, you will feel inspired and be enlightened with exactly how to make you dreams come true.

Falan Storm

Writer, Asheville, NC, Falan Storm

Great Coach!

I really enjoyed my Breakthrough Session with you – your care, gentleness, strength and skill made me feel safe and like I could ‘go there’.  You are a great coach!!

Rachel Madorsky

LCSW, Relationship Counselor, Austin, TX, Rachel Madorsky

Deane is Amazing!

I am eternally grateful to [her for helping me] understand how my thought patterns interfere with the actions I take or don’t take.  I would sign up for anything she offers!

Thank you, Deane, for being You!

Carolyn Mason-Burton

CEO, Waynesville, NC, Carolyn's by Design

$1,000 in One Week

“Within 3 days of getting clear on my desires, I received a check in the mail for $275. Within that same week, someone offered to buy something of mine for $800, and I satisfied a desire to have $1,000!”

Jill Kohlenberg

Founder and Literacy Coach, Asheville, NC, Literacy Journeys

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