You had me at Wabi Sabi!


What do you want to create today?

I follow a coach named John Morgan who says it’s a question he asks himself every morning…what do I want to create today?

Great question!

When I first heard this, I was both intrigued (by the possibility embedded in this question) and, to be honest, a bit intimidated. 

Intimidated because I’ve never allowed myself to see myself as an especially creative person.  I mean, I have my moments.  But ever since I can remember I compare myself to “real” artists and, no surprise, come up lacking.   

O!  The Curse of Comparisonitis.

This quote showed up in my inbox this morning:  The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~ Steve Furtick

As artists, we compare our student work, the work we do when we’re finding our voice, to the work of others who have years of experience and who are about 17 light years ahead of us on the learning curve.

That’s not just me, right?

Honing Your Creator Cred

So, I’m trying to be more forgiving to my creative self, because that drive to create is not something only a few of us have.  We all have that drive to create, to expand, to grow and to make a difference. 

And it shows up in as many different ways as there are people on the planet.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way to be valid and real, and I have to learn this almost every day of my life as I nurture this creative aspect of myself.   Cooking counts.  Creating magic with a coaching client counts.  Stacking cairns counts.  Explaining the world to five-year olds counts. 

Anything that helps bring new possibilities to life, new ways of seeing the world into view…it all counts toward building creator cred.

You had me at Wabi Sabi

I just completed a weaving course from an amazing fiber artist, Urban Gypz Stacey Budge-Kamison.  I love yarn and all things fiber.  Love to knit.  Love to spin crazy yarn.  Love to dye fiber.  Love to hang out with local sheep.  And I recently started playing with weaving only because Stacey introduced me to non-traditional (and therefore, not boring) weaving.

Stacey is one of those creative souls who could totally intimidate those of us who don’t yet see ourselves as artists.  She’s a real artist…with degrees and cred and portfolios and a body of work.

In her course, she mentions the idea of wabi sabi.  It’s a Japanese concept that celebrates the beauty in things that are imperfect.  It recognizes those serendipitous moments in the creative process where things don’t go exactly as planned and something gorgeous and numinous emerges as a result.

In my experience, making space for these moments of creative serendipity mean that what I create is almost always way better than what I saw in my mind’s eye before I started.

I’ve come to appreciate coaching as a collaborative and highly creative act between two people. 

I never know what might come up in a session.  One of my clients has described our sessions together as being like a meandering river that eventually leads to a secret door. 

I do know the moment I close that door on the wabi sabi or envision a particular outcome for my client, the magic stops.  Things get stale and awkward and….boring.  Like traditional weaving.

We’re not making dishcloths, here.  We’re making art together.  We’re making music together.  We’re making up stories as we go along and at the end of the day, the way we know we’ve succeeded is that we both see the world in a different way and the world has transformed as a result.

New possibilities have emerged.

Creator cred has expanded.

And in the case of creator cred, MORE IS MORE!

So…what would you like to create today?

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